Introduction: Getting Started


Welcome to Better Me Book! Use our introduction guide below to help you get started on our platform. We designed Better Me Book to be simple, easy to use and to navigate. Better Me Book is a constant work in progress. Expect major updates, new features, new applications and more content at no extra cost to you. We will also update this guide as we add content and new features so always check back for updates.

Update Your Profile Page/Book 🕮

To get started, first visit your profile page by clicking the green "open profile page" link of your book on the home page. This will take you to your profile page. This page by default can be viewed by other people or you can make your page completeley private. You can also send your page link to friends and/or family or you can select what you want others to see or not see if they try to access your page by editing your privacy settings

You can update your photo for your book and add more images at anytime. To add a photo cover to your book, click the camera icon on your profile page underneath your name and badge info. You can also add more photos to your book by clicking the text area under your book "What is on your mind?" and then selecting "Upload Photos".

Update Your Book Info 🕮

Here comes the fun part! You can update your Book info to include your daily reminders, goals, words of inspiration and more. You can update this daily or anytime you want to add more content. You can add or ommit any part as you see fit and accessing it is quick and simple. You can also rate your daily progress and reflect on your goals. You can find the Edit Book Info link on the home page or your profile page.

You can also add content directly to your page/book. You can decide to keep the content that you post or your book page private or make public or available for friends to view. As you add content and posts, you will gain experience points and will level up your merit badge progress. 

Add Journals and Diary 🕮

Besides personal content, you can create journals or a diary of your life or progress. Journals are divided into categories to make it easier to organize your personal journey. Journals are ALWAYS private and can never be viewed or read by others. Personalize your journals with images and categorize them according to your theme or subject. Create Journal | View Journals

Interactive Applications 🕮

Better Me Book has self help Interactive applications that can be launched from your web browser (no downloads needed). You will need to use the application on the same device and web browser to retreive your saved progress. All saved data will be done through your web browser. Also, clearing your history may erase your saved progress. No worries. If this ever happens, you can always start a new session.

You’ll have access to all of our “self help” applications and all updates to our applications are at no additional charge. Decide what application is best for you as and start with that one.

1. Consistency is the key. Never give up and continue every day. If you miss a day or even a week, start from where you left off and continue at anytime.

2. If the screen is too big or too small, you can change the size of the screen by using your "Zoom" function on your web browser. Look on the top right of your web browser and you will see 3 dots or 3 lines. Click that and look for the "Zoom" option. Increase or decrease as needed.