About Better Me Book

Benefits of Better Me Book 

·    Studies show that Self-care and personal wellness can help to relieve stress while improving your over all health.

·    Self betterment can also contribute to a higher performance in productivity, increased focus and determination while helping to boost motivation and confidence.

·    Self reflection and awareness can aid in clarity, increased creativity and better communication with others. 

Purpose of Better Me Book

Better Me Book is a wellness and self betterment platform for those looking to achieve personal well-being, better health, pursue purpose and reach personal goals. Set goals and reminders, write personal secure journals for self reflection and utilize daily applications for your personal self betterment. Edit privacy settings, rate your daily progress and level up your book badge when you add new content. Engage in community activities and groups, create your contacts of family and friends or keep it private and personal. 

Use interactive applications for personal self develpment, marriage coaching and more. Celebrate your special moments with your pets by creating Pet Fan Books including all of your special moments and experiences with your pets. Create private or public Scrapbooks for your special events and memories. You can invite family and friends to join your list of contacts, engage our community groups or keep things private.

Our Vision

Better Me Book is in constant development to create a balanced platform that ensures that each user has a private experience dedicated to their own personal development while also providing the option to interact with our community groups and topics. Our vision is to encourage inspiration, growth, development, reflection and personal self progress through our platform and content. We are always adding new content, features and opportunities to expand on our platform.


We want to make sure users have options to determine how they would like to grow or develop on Better Me Book. Privacy and security is also a major part of our constant development. We want to create a safe, secure environment for all of our users. Constant improvements are a major goal and focus for our platform. We are always working to create opportunities that reflect our user’s needs and concerns through community discussions and feedback. Your input matters to us.


Better Me Book provide free updates, forever access to your content, interactive applications, no ads or monthly fees and a one time payment model. Better Me Book also has moderated community groups that provide fun activities and inspiration for our members.

*Added perks and upgrade options may be available with future development.