What is Better Me Book?

Better Me Book is a wellness and self betterment platform for those looking to achieve personal well-being, better health, pursue purpose and reach personal goals. Set goals and reminders, write personal secure journals for self reflection and utilize daily applications for your personal self betterment. Edit privacy settings, rate your daily progress and level up your book badge when you add new content. Engage in community activities and groups, create your contacts of family and friends or keep it private and personal.

Better Me Book Better Me Book Better Me Book

Get access to Better Me Book's interactive self development applications you can use directly from any web browser. *Your account is allowed up to 100 close family and friends within your list of contacts. View Sample Profile Page

*Better Me Book can be accessed from any web browser (PC/Tablet/Laptop) and does NOT require an app or downloads to use. Progress and data from our applications are saved on your PC locally and is private. All other account data is stored on a USA based secure remote server service provider (cloud). Better Me Book requires a one time payment for full access (no monthly fees required).

Better Me Book (Included Applications)

Better Me Book

Better Me Boot Camp is a self betterment application designed for any individual looking to fulfill their purpose, improve their life and achieve their goals. Gain award badges and merit points with progress, complete daily challenges and more. Learn more

Better Me Tree Romance Coaching 101 Love Boot Camp

Pet Fan Book

Pet Fan Book

Pets can help to relieve stress, provide companionship and can become a fun, memorable part of your life and family. Celebrate your special moments with your pets by creating Pet Fan Books including all of your special moments and experiences with your pets. Pet Fan Book includes official community groups for each pet type, a list of top Pet Fan Books and a progress badge earned as you add content to your book. View Sample Pet Fan Book


Scrapbooks and Events

Create private or public Scrapbooks for your special events and memories. Include photos and comments to add to your scrapbooks, keep them private or invite friends and family to participate in adding memories as well. Scrapbooks can be used for vacation memories, holidays, birthdays or any special event or day you would like to build memories. Schedule your Scrapbook event or make it instant. Create as many Scrapbooks as you want and revisit your books at anytime. View Sample Scrapbook Page

Better Me Book
Invite Friends and Family

You can invite your relatives, close friends or spouse to join you on Better Me Book. Chat, instant messaging and community features allow you to stay in contact with those close to you. Join community groups, discussions, polls, events and activities or keep your interactions personal and private.